Our Work

Experience precision and innovation in contract manufacturing: where industry expertise meets cutting-edge technology for flawlessly tailored project solutions.


Electrical Power and
Control Panels

UL508a certified panels
Top of the line brand name componentry and wiring
All supporting documentation and drawings provided
Quality Control checks and testing of all units
Fast shipping and durable packaging


Cable/Wire Harnesses
and Assemblies

Custom or standard harnesses
Custom assemblies or junction boxes
Small or large quantities
Quality Control checks and testing of all harnesses and assemblies

Steps to Success with RS

  1. 1 Planning

    At RS Automation, meticulous planning involves understanding your specific manufacturing requirements. We analyze your needs, project scope, and objectives to tailor our manufacturing solutions effectively, ensuring a precise roadmap for project execution.

  2. 2 Design

    Our approach focuses on designing manufacturing solutions that align perfectly with your unique specifications. We craft detailed plans, considering cutting-edge technology and optimized processes to guarantee a design that meets your quality and production requirements.

  3. 3 Strategy

    We strategize the implementation of our manufacturing solutions, considering your project's timeline, scalability, and industry standards. Our strategies integrate advanced technology and quality control measures, ensuring a seamless and efficient manufacturing process from start to finish.

  4. 4 Process

    At RS Automation, the execution process is finely tuned. We implement state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, maintaining quality control and precision at every stage. Our streamlined process guarantees flawless execution, adhering to the highest industry standards.

  5. 5 Support

    Post-implementation, our commitment continues through ongoing support. We provide assistance, address any concerns, and ensure that your manufacturing processes remain optimized, efficient, and aligned with your evolving needs and industry advancements.

How We Work


RS Automation utilizes modern means of technology in all areas of production. From advanced tooling, laser printing, and database software to mobile tracking applications, 3D printed fixtures, and LEAN manufacturing processes.


RS Automation strives to maintain a clean, organized, and well-documented environment.


RS Automation has combined the use of technology and years of expertise to customize our in-house processes and procedures. Our production efficiency delivers excellent results for our customers’ schedules and needs. All production employees are cross-trained.